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I'm becoming tired of technology.
Too much spying and too much tracking.
I'm minimalizing my phone!

I only have a few games, ones that I'll actually play. I used to have like 15.
I installed a bunch that I thought I'd play some day, but I never have time for that.
My wallpaper is black and my icons are white lines. NO COLOR.
My phone is SO MUCH snappier and battery life has drastically improved.

I've unhooked all Amazon Alexas as well. They really aren't that useful anyway.
I'm always having to yell at it, and wait for it to respond.

I also blocked Reddit on my phone with ublock.
I was shocked by how often I quickly open FireFox, open a new tab, starting typing reddit, click the autocomplete and just go. 🤮
I also removed all social media from my phone.
I feel happier and more productive!

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