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Zach Snyder's Justice League is awesome!
It's 1000x times better than the theatrical cut.
The ending (with the Flash) was beyond cool.

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I am new to comic books, but I like DC's New 52.
The art style is great and the outfits of the characters are really cool.

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Wanda Vision was Good, but it could have been better!
Marvel would have never done this, but here's what I wanted for the ending:
1. No Agatha as a villian
2. Vision finds out Wanda is causing all of this
3. Due to ~something~, Vision is now free from Wanda's control
4. Wanda refuses to end the Hex
5. A fight breaks out between them
6. Vision kills Wanda

2021-03-19 | Permalink & Comments

Finding Youtube channels is too difficult. Youtube needs a better discovery mechanism.

2021-02-09 | Permalink & Comments

I have added a new page /garden/add.html which can add entries and thoughts to this site by posting to the gitlab repo through the gitlab api.

2021-02-09 | Permalink & Comments

Watching Everybody Loves Raymond. Hilarious!

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I just bought the Canon G7X Mark II.
It takes incredible photos!

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Why do so many gamers preorder games and buy them as soon as they come out?
They are always buggy messes.
Just wait for the reviews to come out before buying it.
This happens so much and everyone complains, yet everyone keeps buying them.

2020-12-15 | Permalink & Comments

I'm tried of all the new TV shows, so I'm going to watch some old TV shows.

* Just Shoot Me
* The Drew Carey Show
* News Radio

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I'm in a late 90s early 00s music mood.

Black Eyed Peas Don't Phunk With My Heart


London Bridge by Fergie

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Wow YouTube music is way worse than Spotify.
The UI is wasteful, the music loads slowly, and I never realized how much I liked all of Spotify's prebuilt playlists.

2020-12-03 | Permalink & Comments

Streaming services need a way to let me share clips of shows.
I want to specify a time range, like on YouTube, and the person I send it to can just watch that clip.

2020-12-03 | Permalink & Comments

I don't really know why, but I'm tired of new TV shows 😩.
There are always new shows coming out on Netflix and other streaming services, and I just don't want to watch any of them.
I think some look really interesting but I am just completely turned off to new shows right now.

I am watching newer seasons of older shows I used to watch, like Family Guy and Archer.

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I'm becoming tired of technology.
Too much spying and too much tracking.
I'm minimalizing my phone!

I only have a few games, ones that I'll actually play. I used to have like 15.
I installed a bunch that I thought I'd play some day, but I never have time for that.
My wallpaper is black and my icons are white lines. NO COLOR.
My phone is SO MUCH snappier and battery life has drastically improved.

I've unhooked all Amazon Alexas as well. They really aren't that useful anyway.
I'm always having to yell at it, and wait for it to respond.

I also blocked Reddit on my phone with ublock.
I was shocked by how often I quickly open FireFox, open a new tab, starting typing reddit, click the autocomplete and just go. 🤮
I also removed all social media from my phone.
I feel happier and more productive!

Detechnologify ✊

🔗 What Is Detechnologifying?
🔗 Detechnologify

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This begins my digital garden.

This garden will contain my thoughts, like Twitter, and
links to things I like or find interesting, like websites, posts, YouTube channels and everything else.

This garden is built with a custom Python script.
Image by @karaeads at Unsplash

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